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Zpráva o nakažení


Zpráva kratičká o morním nakažení z příčin zvláštních v čas přímoří v Lešně Polském od církve české v vyhnanství v témž Lešně zůstavající učiněna a vytištěna


A brief report on the affliction of plague arising from peculiar causes, arranged and printed in a time of plague at Leszno in Poland by the Bohemian Church in exile at said Leszno


Origin of the work:
  1631 Leszno

  1632 Leszno

1972 Prague, Vybrané spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. VI


The Czech original of this Brief Report was only printed a year after its publication in German translation (Kurzer Bericht von der Pestilenz, 1631). It is a tract on the origins of the plague, on the reactions of the original and Czech immigrant populations at Leszno towards the plague outbreak, and on the hygienic measures initiated. Comenius published this work as a critic of the inhuman approach of the native Leszno residents towards the ill, and their anger at the care of the Czech immigrants for the ill, and to exhort his fellow believers.

God sent the affliction of the plague to punish the wicked, humble them, confirm His might, and bring them to repentance. As a representative of the more cultured immigrants, Comenius scolds the less advanced local populace for its ruthless treatment of the sick. It is for a priest to enlighten the people as to the correct opinion of the illness, and how to deal with and serve the afflicted. Even the authorities are obliged in this matter. The author also provides a proposal for how householders, fathers of families and the local administration should react to the affliction, and sets down a series of necessary hygienic measures. Finally, he instructs as to Christian dealing with the ill. It is necessary to feel for them, to act humanely towards them, and to offer them the necessary treatment and spiritual counselling. It is against God’s commandments to cast them out of the house and the town, not to afford them medical aid, show hatred or ill-feeling towards them, shoot at them or burn their houses around them. Czechs are unjustly berated and accused of shallow thinking if by caring for the sick they are merely fulfilling their Christian duty.


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