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Václav Záruba of Hustířany

(1575 – 1632)


Lord of Třebovětice, Štěpánice, Žumberk and Horní Branná.


Václav and his wife Angelina Zárubová – who was born into the Austrian Zelking family – offered Comenius, by then a wanted man, protection at the château at Horní Branná prior to his leaving his homeland. At this time, decisions were made as to Václav’s life and property: in 1623 Záruba was sentenced to vassalage for his part in the anti-Habsburg uprising, and the right of defeasance (a portion of his effects or other portion of farms or town houses) to his property was bought up by Albrecht of Waldstein (Wallenstein). Václav Záruba and his wife are both interred in St Bartholomew’s Church at Lanžov.




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