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De quaestione utrum Dominus Jesus propria virtute a mortuis resurrexerit ad Melchiorem Schefferum Socinistam breve ac solidum Johannis Amos Comenii responsum


A short and detailed reply by Jan Amos Comenius to the Socinian Melchior Scheffer on the question of whether the Lord Jesus rose from the dead by His own power


Origin of the work:
  1659 Amsterdam

  1659 Amsterdam



A Latin translation of a German polemic with Melichar Scheffer. In 1637 the Socinian had published a Latin tract entitled Quaestio, utrum Christus propria virtute a mortuis resurrexerit, an resuscitatus a Patre (The question of whether Christ rose from the dead by His own power, or was resurrected by the Father), which in the Polish evangelical church provoked great indignation. Scheffer maintained that Christ, who was of only human nature, was resurrected by God the Father. The Seniors (elders) of the Brethren asked Comenius to refute Scheffer’s assertion; the latter attempted to do so in a German text (see the entry for the Antwort). Because Scheffer’s work caused a new stir at the end of the 1650s, in 1659 Comenius translated his original work into Latin under the title given above. The piece demonstrates that Christ had two natures, human and divine, and that at Golgotha only His human nature died; therefore, He rose from the dead by His own power.


For further study, see also:

J. V. Novák & J. Hendrich, Jan Amos Komenský, jeho život a spisy. Prague 1932, pp 285n & 568n.



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