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Uralte Religion


Die uralte christliche katholische Religion in kurze Frag und Antwort verfasset. Vor alle Christen-Menschen, alt und jung, seliglich zu gebrauchen


The ancient Christian catholic religion, arranged in a series of short questions and answers. For all Christians/men, old and young, for divine use


Origin of the work:
  1661 Amsterdam

  1661 Amsterdam

1951 Prague, Prastaré obecně křesťanské náboženství, Czech translation by R. Říčan



The need for religious education on the part of his fellow believers both in exile and at home led Comenius to prepare handbooks on the subject for them. He hoped in this way to make up for the lack of priests, organised units and schools among the Brethren. In doing so, he also kept in mind the group comprising German members of the Brethren. This work is one of Comenius’ handbooks, the German version of the catechism, prepared for the needs of secret communities of the Brethren. This German working is much more distinctive than the Czech catechism (the Katechismus pro mládež českou Jednoty bratrské 1661, see the entry for the Katechismus).

The book is divided into three parts, and is written in the form of questions and answers. The first section contains the Apostolic Creed, the second considers Christian love and the correct use of the testaments and gospels (God’s commandments and Christ’s commandments), and the third prayers and Christian hope. A conclusion follows, in which in the form of a conversation it is explained why Christians must endlessly fight for their faith and be ever on guard, who are the spiritual enemies, and which weapons might be used against the latter. Prayers for children and a collection of advice on how a Christian should act in certain circumstances are appended.


For further study, see also:

J. A. Komenský, Prastaré obecně křesťanské náboženství. Prague 1951, foreword

J. V. Novák & J. Hendrich, Jan Amos Komenský, jeho život a spisy. Prague 1932, p589



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