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The democratisation of the school system


In his Didactics Comenius clearly states: “Schools, then, should be not just for some of the rich and prominent, but for all, noble and ignoble, wealthy and poor, of both sexes of youth” (from the beginning of the ninth chapter). This, in the modern sense democratic, requirement of Comenius’ certainly had Christian, Biblical roots, stemming from the equality of men before God, this deriving from all having been created in the likeness of God, and that no-one can know beforehand for what purpose he has been born. All must therefore receive a thorough preparatory upbringing and education, in order that they might be able to achieve their aims in life. In the dimension of earthly life, the education of all people is of importance to all of society, for the more perfect action of individuals to the benefit of the whole; earthly life is, however, a preparation for eternal life after death, and in this too education has its place.


Comenius notes in particular that it is unacceptable to exclude from a proper upbringing and education those children who are less gifted or who are in some way afflicted in their health; indeed, such children require rearing and educating, because this can effectively help them to overcome and compensate for their worse starting conditions and missing preconditions.




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