Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

The Court of Peace


(dicasterium pacis)


In Comenius’ project for the rectification of the life of human society (in the Panorthosis, part 6, the General Consultation Concerning the Improvement of Human Affairs, the Consultatio) this was to be the supervisory or decision-making college in the area of social and legal arrangements for political activity. Its aim was to be the unification of all of the nations of the world into a grand world unit as some kind of supra-national whole. This was to remove all wars and their causes, to resolve such disputes as might arise in a peaceful manner, and to concern itself with the maintenance of justice and peace. These aims were to be served amongst others by the courts, municipal councils and financial and mercantile regulatory institutions. The Court of Peace was to comprise leading politicians from the whole world, while the most powerful of the strong were to be selected for it.



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