Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

The Consistory of Sanctity


(consistorium sanctitatis)



In Comenius’ project for the rectification of the life of human society (in the Panorthosis, part 6, the General Consultation Concerning the Improvement of Human Affairs, the Consultatio) this was to be the supervisory or decision-making college in the area of theology and religious life. The aim of its efforts was to be an uninterrupted relationship between Man and God, preserving Christ’s rule in the Church. This was to be served through purity and the spread of the faith and of divinity, and an important role was to be played by the Church and assemblies of the congregation. The congregation, of course, was to have an ecumenical function, meaning that it was to strive for the unity of the church, that it might be ready for its independence. The consistory of sanctity was comprise leading theologians from around the world, those selected for it being the most pious.




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