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The Brethren Synod of 1650



The Peace of Westphalia brought a definitive end to the hopes of the exiles from the lands of the Bohemian Crown. It was for this reason that the church’s representatives in Leszno called members of the Unitas Fratrum from Prussia, Silesia, Poland and Hungary to a synod, that they might decide how to continue in ecclesiastical life in permanent exile. The assembly was held in March 1650. Those present decided that the Unitas Fratrum would not be dispersed. At this time Comenius received the invitation of Sigismund Rákóczi to reform the school at Sárospatak. He was charged by the synod to visit exiled from Moravia in Hungary on his journey through the latter. The congregations of the Brethren were at this time administered by bishops: Comenius for the Bohemian/Moravian part of the congregation, Martin Gertich and Jan Bythner the Polish congregations.




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