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The Americans



The interest of the Americans in the work of Jan Amos Comenius can clearly be seen in the correspondence between John Winthrop and Samuel Hartlib. A letter written by Hartlib on June 30th 1642 to Winthrop, who was governor of the state of Connecticut, for example, transmits further information about Comenius, makes reference to information previously supplied, and states directly that Comenius’ efforts would be useful for the Christian and heroic colonies in America.


From the correspondence it also appears that the Americans were interested in Comenius’ further plans; Comenius was offered the position of Rector of Harvard College, although of course evidence for the actual invitation is missing. The letter from Samuel Hartlib is now kept in the Sheffield University Library (sign. 50H, HM 7/35; cf.: George H. Turnbull: Hartlib, Dury and Comenius. London 1947, p38 and elsewhere).




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