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Sylloge quaestionum controversarum e philosophiae viridario depromtarum: pro quarum veritate sub clypeo Doctissimi Viri Johannis Henrici Alstedi, philosophiae in incluto Nassoviorum lyceo professoris solertissimi, praeceptoris sui charissimi multumque honorandi, in publico philosophantium acroaterio pugnabit Johannes Amos e Marcomannis Nivnicenus


A collection of controversial questions, plucked from the garden of philosophy: their truth will be defended before a public gathering of philosophers under the auspices of the learned Johann Heinrich Alsted, most highly educated professor of philosophy at the illustrious Nassau Lyceum, presented to his most dear teacher with great respect by Jan Amos of Nivnice in Marcomania


Origin of the work:
  1613 Herborn

  1613 Herborn

1914 Brno, Veškeré spisy Jana Amosa Komenského, vol. I., pp23-47

1969 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol.1, pp70-85




The second of Comenius’ Herborn disputations, this time overseen by successful and popular J. H. Alsted, and already bearing signs of Comenius’ thought and expression. The theses are thematically similar to Comenius’ own later philosophical interests, and the style and method of argumentation are reminiscent of his later philosophical works. Comenius’ own relationship to the actual work is also attested by the dedication of this disputation to Jan Lánecký, his teacher at Přerov. The theses resolved include: if human reason understands terms or particularities, what is place, if the beginning of human comprehension is sensory perception, if the ten heavenly circles are material, etc.


For further study, see also:

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