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Stammwörter der deutschen Sprach (dabei sich doch etliche verdoppelte und abgeleitete befinden). Zum Gebrauch des Vestibuli lingvarum, die lateinischen Radices desto leichter zu fassen. 1649


Root words of the German language (in which some appear twice and some are derived). That it might be possible on the attempt to understand the Latin roots during use of the Vestibule of Tongues. 1649


Origin of the work:
  1643 – 1649 Elbląg & Leszno

  1649 Leszno



This is a list of basic German words in support of the better comprehension of basic Latin words in using the Vestibule as a textbook. It was included as an appendix to the textbook the Vestibulum Latinae lingvae ... Vortür der lateinischen Sprach, and is part of the textbook material prepared by Comenius for Swedish schools. During their exercises students were intended to ascribe the Latin word to the German. Compound words were indicated by different type.


For further study, see also:

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