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Scenographiae pansophicae pars II, quae portae scientiarum metaphysicae delineationem exhibet

The model of pansophy, part the second, which provides an outline of metaphysics, the doorway of science


Origin of the work:
  1645 Elbląg

  1957 Prague, in: Archiv pro bádání o životě a díle J. A. Komenského (Acta Comeniana) 16, no. 2, pp134-147

1974 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol. 14



A fragment of Comenius’ attempt at a pansophic metaphysics. It is related to the Pansophiae diatyposis (Outline of pansophy). This is a copy of the original manuscript, made by an unknown copyist and found among the Hartlib papers (Samuel Hartlib).

Comenius terms that which others call the first philosophy or metaphysics the “doorway of pansophy”. It is to be a common science, mediating for human thought its approach to all things and revealing order and truth in such a way as that those wishing to investigate their contents may advance preparedly and easily. In this way it is possible to attain wisdom.


For further study, see also:

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