Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Samuel Hartlib

(c.1600 – 1662)


English writer, reformist and organiser of scientific life.


The son of a banker at Elbląg, he lived from 1628 in England. He founded a school at Chichester in 1628, and through active international correspondence strengthened efforts to unite the Protestant churches, like his associate John Dury. He was interested in the reform of politics, religion, the sciences and education, and amongst other things in Comenius` pansophy as well. He was the publisher and translator of texts by Comenius, and initiated the latter`s invitation to London in 1641. He gathered around him a group of scholars of similar sensibilities, from which the instigation later came for the foundation of the Royal Society of Sciences. His thus far untreated written effects include large numbers of manuscripts and correspondence which are sure to contribute to a more accurate understanding of the history of thought and culture in 17th century Central Europe.


Selected works:

A Continuation of Mr. John Amos ComeniusSchool Endeavours. Or a Summary Delineation of Dr. Cyprian Kinner, Silesian, his Thoughts concerning Education..., London 1648




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