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Salvation from the Antichrist


Retuňk proti Antikristu a svodum jeho, kteříž v zarmoucených těchto časích mnohým k zahynutí nešťastně se rozmáhají, a nejedněch od víry odstupování se děje, těm, kdož by duše své retovati a před zahynutím vystříhnouti dáti chtěli, podaný od jednoho z milovníků Ježíše Krista


Salvation from the Antichrist and his temptations, which in these dolorous times unhappily gain ground among many even unto death, and not a few among those abandoning their faith, from those who would save their souls and cut them free before death, given by one of those who loves Jesus Christ.


Origin of the work:

  The text survives in six copies

1924 Tábor, published under the title O papežství („On the Papacy“) by Bohuslav Souček

1971 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol. 2



An anti-Catholic tract that was circulated anonymously, for which reason it has not been possible to ascertain with complete certainty whether Comenius was the sole author or a co-author. The various reasons suggesting that he alone write it include, amongst other things, the depth of knowledge displayed regarding theological and historical literature, the dogmatics, the generally Christian view of the life of the Church, traits in common with Comenius` Haggaeus redivivus, and the heavily emotional treatment of the theme. The tract discusses the causes and state in particular of the moral degeneracy of the Catholic ecclesiastical hierarchy, and through this of the Church and its adherents. For this reason the Pope in Rome cannot be the head of Christianity; there are other historical reasons as well. The only authority is God and Jesus Christ; the only Law is the Bible.


For further study, see also:

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