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Saint Roman de Seneva


also Melchior Harold de Seneva, comte de Saint (Senevas) Romain

also Romain de Seneve, sieur Melchior de Harold, marquis


The diplomatic representative (resident) of France in the Imperial city of Hamburg from 1637 to 1643, son of the French Minister of Finance, and the diplomat responsible in particular for the payment of French subsidies to the Swedes.



Saint Roman de Seneva corresponded with J. H. Bisterfeld of Transylvania, and was interested in both the latter’s and Comenius’ pansophic ideas. He mediated the invitation for Comenius to come to France, initiated by Cardinal Richelieu. He met Comenius in person in Hamburg at the end of July or beginning of August 1642, during his return journey from England to Sweden. Comenius took this opportunity to repeat his recommendation of Joachim Hübner, most particularly because of his work on panhistory.




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