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Ratio disciplinae


II. Ratio disciplinae ordinisque ecclesiastici in Unitate fratrum Bohemorum (ut typis exscripta fuit Lesnae 1632)

II. A collection of teachings and the ecclesiastical rule of the Czech Unity of Brethren (as recorded in print at Leszno, 1632)


Origin of the work:
1632 – 1633 Leszno

  1633 (Leszno), place not given

1660 Amsterdam, in the volume De bono unitatis

1912 Brno, Veškeré spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. XVII (in Czech and Lating)



The second (and major) part of the volume De bono unitatis, containing the reformed rule of the Unitas Fratrum according to its manuscript form of 1616.




The victorious advance of the Swedes and the temporary occupation of Prague by Saxon forces in 1632 awoke among the Brethren in exile the hope of a return to their homeland, with which the need for an edition of the Rule in print was associated. It was produced first in Czech for members and countrymen (1632), and later in German and Latin translation (both published in 1633). The latter was arranged by Comenius himself. The publication of the Rule in 1660 in the volume De bono unitatis was undertaken by Comenius at the request of his English friends. The aim was to show them the precedence of the organisation of the Unitas Fratrum, on the basis of which they could grow to reform conditions in their own Church.

The Rule contains divisions for things substantial, official and additional within the Brethren. It speaks of the ecclesiastical division of the people, of lay offices and services within the Brethren, of the order of the synod and of ordinations. It provides general statues for preaching, baptism, reception into the Brethren, the Eucharist, marriages and funerals, and for a range of holy days, quarter days, fasts and almsgiving, and sets out ceremonies. It also considers the rule of the house rules for ministrants (the preparation of young people for future administration) and the house rules for students, visitations, the supervision of adherence to the rule, discipline and punishment.


For further study, see also:

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