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Problemata haec miscellanea fretus auxilio et patrocinio Clarissimi Viri, Domini Magnifici Henrici Gutberlethi, in inclyto inclytorum ac generosissimorum Comitum Nassoviorum Athenaeo Herbornensi logices et physices professoris ordinarii, praeceptoris sui honorandi, publicitus veritatis lance pensiculanda studiosis offert Johannes Amos Marcomanno-Nivnicenus


These assorted problems are presented for public weighing in the scales of truth, and rest on the assistance and patronage of that esteemed person, the learned Herr Heinrich Gutberleth, his venerable teacher, full professor of logic and physics at the renowned Herborn Athenaeum of the most famous and most noble Count of Nassau, by Jan Amos Markomansko-Nivnický


Origin of the work:

1612 Herborn

1914 Brno, Veškeré spisy J. A. Komenského, vol.I.

1969 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol. 1.



Comenius’ first printed work comprises answers to questions posed in various fields (metaphysics, ethics, physics, noetics and others). The questions and the means by which they are answered were determined by a professor, in this case Heinrich Gutberleth.

Students demonstrated their knowledge of scholastic literature and skill in didactic reasoning and logical argument. The disputation was held in public, before the academic community. This short tract contains answers to eight questions, for example on the relationship between art and nature (whether art is the antithesis of nature), whether one who is not speaking the truth is lying, and so on.


For further study, see also:

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