Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Petrus Montanus


real name Pieter van den Berghe (Montanus)

(1631 – 1706)


Printer and publisher in Amsterdam, friend of Jan Amos Comenius.



Several of Comenius’ works in Latin were produced by Montanus’ publishing house: the Faber fortunae in 1657; the Diogenes Cynicus redivivus in 1658; the Cartesius cum sua naturali philosophia a mechanicis eversus in 1659; the Oculus fidei. Theologia naturalis in 1661; and a common edition of the Faber fortunae, Diogenes Cynicus, Regulae vitae and Abrahamus patriarcha in 1662. In a letter to Montanus dated December 10th 1661, Comenius provided an overview of his works with short summaries and explications of their purposes. This is no mere list of works and bibliographic data: Comenius took this inventory to be his testament as an author, and also described his aims in writing and his plans not yet realised.




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