Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Petr Figulus Jablonský

(1619 – 1670)


Bishop of the Unitas Fratrum and theologian.


Born at Jablonné nad Orličkou in the Chrudim region, he emigrated at the age of nine to Leszno, where he was apparently one of Comenius pupils. In the years 1636 to 1638 he accompanied John Dury on his journey to Sweden, and was later Comenius interpreter in England. In 1642 he was chosen by Comenius for collaboration at Elbląg. In 1643 he was sent by Comenius to Sweden to meet with Chancellor Oxenstierna and to complete his studies. In 1649 Figulus returned to the service of the Unitas Fratrum. On October 19th 1649 he married Alžběta Komenská and settled in Leszno; at the wedding, Comenius gave his daughter a family heirloom, a diamond ring, and expressed the wish that for all time it would remain in the family for the youngest son. A year later Petr Figulus accompanied Comenius to Hungary. In perhaps 1652-1653 the Bohemian preacher was in the Polish town of Skok, and from 1657 was administrator of the congregation at Mokrý (Nassenhuben), which he cared for from Gdansk, where he was at the same time assisting as a preacher. In 1658 he departed for Amsterdam and in 1660 returned to Mokrý. From 1665 he celebrated Polish divine services at Gdansk. In 1662 he was elected a senior of the Brethren. From 1667 he preached at Klaipeda (Memel), where on January 12th 1670 he died. He had five children: Jan Theodor Figulus Jablonský (1654 1731), Samuel Amos Figulus (1656 ?), Daniel Arnošt Jablonský (1660 1741), Petr Figulus (? ?) and Marie Alžběta (1665 ?).




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