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Paraenesis ad ecclesias


Paraenesis ad ecclesias, nominatim Anglicanam, de optima ecclesiastici regiminis forma pie solicitam


Anxiously to the churches, namely the Anglican, a call to seek out the optimal ecclesiastical regimen


Origin of the work:
1660 Amsterdam

1660 Amsterdam

1940 Prague, Poselství Jednoty bratrské, Czech translation by J. Hendrich

1972 Prague, Vybrané spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. VI, various eds., Czech translation by J. Hendrich



The closing (third) part of the De bono unitatis, in which Comenius expresses his unease regarding disturbing phenomena in the life of the church and in the spiritual field generally, and sets out advice for improving the situation, with the acceptance of that which was good and of worth in the Unitas Fratrum.

Comenius presents as a means to improvement the unification of all Christian peoples, its being given in the rule, its binding through ties of discipline, and its infusion with the spirit of life. At the same time he recommends restoring life over faith or church ceremonies. The best preconditions for the undertaking of these reforms are in Comenius’ view to be found in the Anglican Church.


For further study, see also:

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