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Humano generi communis liber, Pansophia, hoc est Universalis sapientia fundata super ipsam humanam naturam sic, ut per communes omnibus innatas notitias innataque boni desideria et desiderata assequendi conatus et organa recte cognita riteque ad particularia omnia applicata omnes homines omnia sua bona et mala clare videre viisque omnino infallibilibus bona sequendo assequi et mala fugiendo effugere possint. Opus pro comparanda in toto humano genere perfecta ratione perfectaque oratione et perfecta rerum operatione impetrandoque per id tandem aliquando inter homines universali consensu tollendisque in mundo (si Deo placeat) dissidiis: omnibus Terrae populis dicatum


A book on the general nature of the human race, the Pansophia, that is, Universal wisdom founded on human nature such that through all innate common knowledge, the innate longings for goodness and correct understanding, the effort and means by which these longings might be attained, as well as its regular application in all lesser steps, might all people clearly perceive the good and evil in everything, attaining the good, if they will follow the whole unerring path, and escape the evil, if they will flee from it. That it might be possible for the whole human race to attain perfect thought, perfect speech and perfect deeds, and that there might thus finally be general concord among peoples, that from the world (if it is seen by God that it is good) be cleansed of disunity, this work is dedicated to all the nations of the Earth



The third part of the De rerum humanarum emendatione consultatio catholica (General consultation on the improvement of human affairs). See the entry for the Consultatio.




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