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De rerum humanarum emendatione consultationis catholicae pars IVta, Pampaedia, in qua de ingeniorum cultura universali totiusque vitae negotiis ita in cancellos redigendis, ut mens cujusque hominis (per omnes aetates svaviter occupata) hortus deliciarum fieri queat, consultatur reique tantae haud infeliciter tentatae specimina exhibentur


A general consultation on the improvement of human affairs, part the fourth, the Pampaedia, in which consideration is given to the universal education of the soul and to the introduction of such order into the affairs of the whole world that the mind of Man (at all ages pleasantly employed) may become a garden of joy, and where examples of noble things are given, never inauspiciously begun



The fourth part of the De rerum humanarum emendatione consultatio catholica (General consultation on the improvement of human affairs). See the entry for the Consultatio.




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