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Ordinování konseniora B(ratra) ... v Lešně 19. April. 1644


The ordination of a consenior B(rother) ... in Leszno, April 19th 1644


Origin of the work: 1644 Elbląg

  1962 Prague, Archiv pro bádání o životě a díle J. A. Komenského (Acta Comeniana) 21, pp4-9



An outline for a homily on the occasion of the formal presentation of a new consenior (apparently David Prüfer). The name after the abbreviation B (for Brother) was left out. The sermon is divided into three parts.

The first section considers the need for the consenior’s office within the Unitas Fratrum and compares it to other of the Brethren’s offices. The consenior is an assistance to a senior (a bishop). The second section sets out what a consenior should be, i.e. his characteristics and duties. He must be able-bodied, humble, exemplary, devoted to the service of Christ, with a love for the congregation and the elders (the seniors), he must for them be their wholly like a son with his father, always willing to serve them. The last section documents that the church is obliged to show love, faith and gratitude to such a consenior.


For further study, see also:

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