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Navržení krátké


Navržení krátké o obnovení škol v Království českém


A brief proposal for the reformation of schools in the Kingdom of Bohemia


Origin of the work:
  1632 Leszno

  1849 Prague, published by V. V. Tomek (with the Didaktika)

1951 Prague, J. A. Komenský, Didaktické spisy

1958 Prague, Vybrané spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. I

1973 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol. 11



Comenius, whose innate talent for education was strengthened by the didactic influences of Johannes Valentin Andreae, Wolfgang Ratke and Eliáš Bodin, came to write the Proposal at the time when the Saxon assault on Prague and the victories of the Swedes promised the Czech exiles a return to their homeland. These hopes being dashed the work remained in manuscript, and is now in the keeping of the National Museum in Prague. The writer is convinced that the prosperity of the nation is dependent on the wise organisation of its schools. In Bohemia, it will be their task to implant the young, without regard to their circumstances, with the basics of literacy and a necessary knowledge of human and divine affairs, good morals and piety. The time sufficient for this task is that period of life from birth to complete adulthood – the school of motherhood in the home, the common school in every community, the Latin school in larger towns and the academy in every country (in the capital). The authorities should take care of schools. Teaching should occupy four hours each day. Success is reliant on a good methodology, good books and good teachers.


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