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Methodi synopsis


Synopsis Comenianae lingvarum methodi contracta. I. Ad ejus amabiles fines II. et exquisita ad fines media III. facilemque ac jucundam praxin, IV. varios denique ac solidos ad omnia puerilia studia et dehinc totam vitam usus cito pervidendum


A brief synopsis of the Comenian method of languages. For a rapid understanding of I. its pleasing aims, II. the relevant means for attaining the aims, III. its simple and pleasing use, IV. and finally its diverse and reliable benefits for all childhood efforts and subsequently throughout life.



Origin of the work:
  1657 Amsterdam

  1987 Prague, in: Acta Comeniana 7(XXXI)



This treatise is a summary of Comenius’ basis of linguistic method, in a more concise form.

The Methodus linguarum novissima (the Newest Method of Languages, the Methodus) considered the problems of language in general and of individual languages in a very copious manner, setting forth a didactic explanation of how to teach languages at different stages. The need for more concise information became apparent, however, and it was this need that Comenius sought to fill with this work.


For further study, see also:

J. Šmaha, J. A. Komenský, in: Komenský 24, 1986, no.14, p139ff. 

B. Schader & M. Steiner, Comenianae lingvarun methodi synopsis. Zur Enstehung und Entdeckung einer späten didaktischen Schrift Komenskýs. In: Acta Comeniana 7(XXXI), 1987, pp163-172




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