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Methodi encomia 

Methodi verae encomia ex fabula de Labyrintho Daedaleo filoque Ariadnes Patakini habita sub tempus erigendae classis Latinae primae, quae vestibularis est, anno 1651, Februarii 13.


An encomium on right method, on the basis of the myth of Daedalus’ labyrinth and Ariadne’s thread, given in Sárospatak at the time of the foundation of the first, that is the vestibular, Latin class, in the year 1651 on February 13th


Origin of the work:
  1651 Sárospatak

  1652 Sárospatak, in the volume Laborum scholasticorum continuatio (together with the volume Primitiae laborum scholasticorum)

1657 Amsterdam, in: Latinitatis schola triclassis

1657 Amsterdam, Opera didactica omnia III

1915 Brno, Veškeré spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. IX

1957 Prague, Opera didactica omnia III (phototype edition)

1960 Prague, Vybrané spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. II, Czech translation J. Kopecký


The speech given by Comenius to the assembly on February 13th 1651, on the occasion of the opening of the first (vestibular) class at the Sárospatak school. There were numerous difficulties involved in bringing the lowest (philological) level of the school into operation, one of which was that people insisted on customary things and were reluctant to accept something new. In the introduction, Comenius relates that he had counted on opening the school once the necessary books had been printed; this was not yet the case, as there were no printers. Because neither Prince Sigismund Rákóczi nor the school governors wished to delay, he submitted rather to their will than to his own opinion. Neither he nor his method, however, will be to blame if they are not immediately successful. He hopes that matters will gradually resolve themselves, and through the method of imitation establishes his method. He provides a comparison with the thread of Ariadne, wisdom, which led Theseus out of the Cretan labyrinth. Human life is tangled; to be led out of difficulty requires wisdom – but the wisdom and the method must be correct. Comenius applies this principle first to man in general, then to religion, medicine, laws and finally to education; here too it is necessary to find Ariadne’s true thread, wisdom, resting in correct method. This and two other speeches were published under the common title of the Laborum scholasticorum continuatio (Continuing scholastic labour; see the entry for the Laborum continuatio

For further study, see also:

J. V. Novák & J. Hendrich: Jan Amos Komenský, jeho život a spisy. Prague 1932, p454



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