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Medice, cura te ipsum


Physician, heal thyself


Origin of the work:
  1650 Leszno

  1650 Leszno

1912 Poznań, W. Bickerich, Gelegenheitsgedichte aus dem Freundeskreis des Comenius, in: Historische Monatsblätter für die Provinz Posen 13, p.161 nn.

1974 Prague, Vybrané spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. VII, Czech translation by V. T. Miškovská-Kozáková

1983 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol. 4


This is Comenius’ expression of his best wishes to mark the wedding on February 15th 1650 of his friend the doctor Heinrich Martini, born in Gdansk, to Margaret, née Ostin, widow of the Leszno councilman Martin Lidenowski. Comenius’ poem, written in Latin elegiac distichs, was published together with other poems written for the occasion by friends, teachers and pupils of the Leszno Gymnasium, in a volume entitled Vota gamica (Wedding Wishes). Comenius praises the fact that his friend has taken on a widow and orphan; it is wise to perform good deeds to the benefit of others, which have on the other hand also a use to their originator.


For further study, see also:

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