Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Martin Komenský


also Martin Segeš Komenský

(perhaps 1556 – 1604)


Father of Jan Amos Komenský, son of Jan Segeš.


Martin moved with his father Jan Segeš and his daughter Zuzana (Zuzana Komenská) to Uherský Brod from Komňa sometime between 1564 and 1568.  In 1572 the town records in Uherský Brod register one Martin, son of Komnianský, i.e. still in his minority. His date of birth is uncertain; the researcher František Vyskočil suggests that 1548 is a likely year; his son Jan Amos erred with the year of his death – the well-known Leszno postscript dates his father’s demise to 1602. That Martin was a well-off burgher is clear, as in the years 1602-1604 he had property to the value of over 1,000 guilders. In Uherský Brod he owned a house with brewing rights on the Lower Square, which he had bought from Jan Bureš in 1601, a working yard in the Neradice suburb that he bought from the town clerk Pavel Makovec in 1603, two vineyards at Blatnice, several fields and 65 guilders from the bailiwick at Komňa. From the year 1602 he was a member of the carters’ guild. He had five children by his wife Anna (Anna Komenská):


Daughters Son

Kateřina (Kateřina Komenská) Jan (Jan Amos Comenius)

Zuzana (Zuzana Komenská)

Markéta (Markéta Komenská)

Ludmila (Ludmila Komenská)


The last record of Martin dates to 1604: it was in this year that he died, and his wife received from the carters’ guild one pound of wax for his funeral (the precise date is not given). Anna herself died in the same year, and both were buried in a place of honour by the graveyard chapel in the Brethren cemetery in Uherský Brod (the site is now occupied by the J. A. Komenský Gymnasium).



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