Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Marie Dorota Cyrillová


Also Marie Dorota Komenská

(? – 1648)


Daughter of the Brethren senior Jan Cyrill, and Comenius’ second wife.


Became the second wife of Jan Amos Comenius on September 3rd 1624 in Brandýs nad Orlicí, where since 1621 the Brethren had been offered refuge by Karel the Elder of Žerotín. She died shortly after returning to Leszno on August 27th 1648, leaving four children: daughters Dorota Kristina (Dorota Kristina Komenská), Alžběta (Alžběta Komenská), Zuzana (Zuzana Komenská the Younger) and a son, Daniel (Daniel Komenský). Some scholars have suggested that Comenius had five children by Marie Dorotoa. The eldest of Comenius’ supposed daughters by her, Marie – whose name however is not securely known – married in 1644 and was the wife of Kryštof Cunrad, an emigrant from Lusatia and book printer in Amsterdam. This is assumed from Cunrad’s request for permission to print the Hymn Book, which was also signed by Marie Comenius.



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