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Magdalena Vizovská


Also Mandalena/Magdalena Komenská

(? – 1622)


The first wife of Comenius, daughter of Burian Vizovský and his wife Mariana, wealthy burghers at Zábřeh.



After Burian’s death (in 1603) the family lived at Přerov. After her wedding on June 19th 1618, she departed with Comenius to Fulnek (their marriage contract is now kept in the Comenius Museum in Přerov). At the end of 1621 Comenius was obliged to flee from Fulnek, and perhaps hid on the Moravian estates of the Žerotín family – there is no historical documentation for his location. Magdalena took refuge with her mother in Přerov at this time, evidently with her two children – a son aged about 2 and a newborn. During his time in hiding, Comenius wrote his wife Magdalena a text on Reflections on Christian Perfection; he sent the little book to his wife on February 18th 1622 together with a letter that is a pearl of Czech marital correspondence. Magdalena and both children died at Přerov in 1622, apparently of the plague.




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