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Lexicon pansophicum


Liber librorum ceu Bibliotheca portatilis, hoc est Lexicon reale pansophicum rerum omnium, quae sciri possunt ac debent, definitiones veras (omnia, quae ad rei cujusque constitutionem intimam spectant, explicantes) ordine alphabetico proponens


The Book of Books, a Portable Library, that is, a Real pansophic dictionary, presenting in alphabetical order the true definitions (explaining everything related to the innermost organisation of any thing) all those things that can and must be known.



Origin of the work:
  1645 – 1670 Elbląg, Leszno, Sárospatak, Amsterdam

  1966 Prague, in: Iohannis Amos Comenii De rerum humanarum emendatione consultatio catholica, vol. 2



A factual, single-language teaching dictionary in the form of definitions, loosely related to the Consultation (the Consultatio). It is an unfinished work; many entries are indicated, but not worked up.

In addition to his systematic pansophic work (pansophy), Comenius also put together this encyclopaedic, pansophical dictionary, within which he attempted to provide true definitions of all things that could be known from their nature, structures and origins, and which can be clearly delimited in their types and differences. Comenius wished to establish every term clearly and with final validity for all time on the basis of pansophy, that nothing might be disturbing and that any misunderstandings might be impossible from the very outset.


For further study, see also:

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