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Lexicon atriale


Lexicon atriale Latino-Latinum, simplices et nativas rerum nomenclationes e Janua lingvae Latinae jam notas in elegantes varie commutare docens


The Atrial Latin-Latin dictionary, which teaches how to convert the simple basic nomenclature of things, known from the Gate of the Latin Tongue, to a refined one.


Origin of the work:
  1650 – 1657 Sárospatak and Amsterdam

  1657 Amsterdam

1686 Amsterdam



A Latin synonym dictionary.

Comenius provides instructions on how it is possible to create a more complex and polished nomenclature from the simple original naming of things, and choice selections both rhetorical and poetic in refined, metric lines. Here he richly applied his own tastes in adages, sayings and assorted citations. This was intended to be a dictionary to accompany the Latin textbook for the highest, third degree of the tripartite Latin school, the Atrium (the Eruditio III Atrium). The work is dedicated to the Lords of the Royal Free Borough of Esslingen.


For further study see also:

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