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Leges gymnasii


Leges illustris gymnasii Lesnensis

Regulations for the illustrious Leszno Gymnasium


Origin of the work:
  1635 Leszno

  1855 Leszno, in the volume Zur dreihundertjährigen Jubelfeier ... des Gymnasiums zu Lissa

1863 in the Sborníku na r. 1863, Czech translation by F. J. Zoubek

1876 Prague, J. A. Komenského Drobnější spisy některé, Czech translation by F. J. Zoubek

1911 Brno, Veškeré spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. VI

1956 Prague, under the title Školní řád... lešenského gymnázia, in A. Molnár’s work Českobratrská výchova před Komenským, Czech translation by V. T. Miškovská



Comenius was a teacher at the Leszno Gymnasium from 1628 onwards. He occupied the post of co-rector with the Pole Andrej Węgierski, who was replaced after his departure into the service of the clergy by Michal Henrici. The pupils were of three religions (Lutheran, Reformed and the Brethren) and of three mother tongues (Polish, Czech and German). Declining standards of behaviour and the three languages used made work at the school more difficult; it was therefore felt necessary to write down the rules for pupils in the form of this code of conduct for the school. The regulations begin with general rules; these are followed by precepts on piety, particularly in church, and on behaviour at school, outdoors, at home, during games and during study.

Comenius never included this treatise in lists of his works. Comenius’ authorship is assumed on the basis of certain textual similarities with his Precepts of Life (the Praecepta morum), but objections include its different stylistic composition. The regulations are more direct and sever than those of the more accessible Precepts; his authorship thus remains disputed.


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