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Kirchen-, Haus- und Herzens- Musica

A book of songs for the church, the home and for the gladness of the heart



Origin of the work:
  1661 Amsterdam

  1661 Amsterdam



In publishing his treatises for the religious education of the Czech Unitas Fratrum, Comenius did not forget the small group of German members of the Brethren. It was for them that in 1661 he newly revised and published this Brethren song-book, for which he wrote a foreword entitled Den christlichen evangelischen Gemeinen und allen Gott liebenden Herzen deutscher Nation wünschet J. A. C., Gottes Güte allezeit zu preisen, freudigen Geist und Mut (J.A.C. wishes that the Christian evangelical congregation and all those whom God loves among the German nation, might always praise God’s kind-heartedness, and might cheer their souls and thoughts). This preface contains notes on the corrections of words, verses, textual rhymes and tunes with regard to their wording in the German language.


For further study, see also:

Jan Kumpera, J. A. Komenský, poutník na rozhraní věků. Prague & Ostrava 1992, p253




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