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Kateřina Komenská


also Kateřina Strumenská, Kateřina Komorníková

(c.1570 – c.1650/56)


The eldest daughter of Martin Komenský and his wife Anna (Anna Komenská).


Kateřina Komenská first married the burgher Urban Strumenský, who owned house no. 108 in Nivnická ul. (now ul. Bří Lužů on the site of the post office). He was a member of the town council, and served several times as the magistrate, burgomaster and lord mayor. With Urban Strumenský, Kateřina had 3 sons: Jan, Samuel and Šimon or Mikuláš (there is some confusion as to the name of the third). Kateřina and Urban were non-Catholics. They were among those who in 1620 did not emigrate, but rather remained in their house at Uherský Brod - which, however, was pulled down by soldiers in the same year. After her husband’s death, which occurred sometime between 1620 and 1622, she married again in 1623 (at St Luke’s) to Martin Komorník, who served the knight Menhart Ecdorf of Ecdorf in Uherský Brod. With her new husband she repaired no. 108, where the couple lived until 1628 when they sold it to Řehoř Třebický and bought no. 162 on the lower square from Martin Zarazil. Kateřina survived her husband and died a widow, perhaps sometime between 1650 and 1656.



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