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Judicium Neufeldii


Judicium Ulrici Neufeldii de fidei catholicae regula catholica ejusque catholico usu ad Valerianum Magnum omnesque catholicos


The Judgement of Ulrich Neufeld on the Catholic rule of the Catholic faith and its Catholic use, intended for Valerianus Magnus and all Catholics



Origin of the work:
  1645 Elbląg

  1645 Amsterdam

1658 Amsterdam, in a collection entitled De regula fidei



A continuation of the treatise Judicium de Judicio Valeriani Magni (Assessment of the Judgement of Valerianus Magnus; Judicium Valeriani Magni) in Comenius’ polemic exchange with the Prague Capuchin Valerianus Magnus on the rule of the faith.

The dispute between Comenius and Valerianus Magnus on this subject would not fade away. In 1645, a year after the publication of the Judicium de Judicio, Comenius published this second treatise, expressing his delight that Father Valerianus had admitted that the Roman Church had given the stimulus to the inception of sects, and requesting, therefore, that he work diligently for the reform of the Church. In eight chapters Comenius considers each of the eight chapters of Valerianus Magnus’ work on the Catholic rule, highlighting the errors and insufficiencies of said rule. Such rule is given priority where the Church should instead give priority to God and Scripture.

This work was published together with the Judicium de Judicio Valeriani Magni in 1658 under the title De regula fidei judicium duplex (A double judgement on the rule of faith).


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