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Johann Heinrich Alsted

(1588 – 1638)

German thinker, polyhistorian and Comenius’ teacher at Herborn.


From 1609 to 1629 lectured in philosophy at Herborn, and was subsequently active in Gyulafehérvár (Alba Julia) in Transylvania (now Romania). Alsted was an exceptional character, outstanding in the scope of his overview and knowledge of period scientific learning, and above all in his ability to class such knowledge into an encyclopaedic and systematically arranged whole. Philosophically he was rather of the traditional Aristotelean/Scholastic view, but nevertheless did not neglect new knowledge in his explanations, e.g. the tracts of Galileo, Campanella, Copernicus. He influenced Comenius’ opinions (bringing him into close contact with the chiliastic expectations of the future, pansophy, the comprehension of pedagogical work). Comenius stayed in touch with Alsted even after completing his studies.


Selected works:

Systema physicae harmonicae, quatuor libellis methodicae propositum, 1612

Triumphus Biblicorum Sacrorum, seu Encyclopaedia Biblica, 1625

Encyclopaedia septem tomis distincta, 1630



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