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Jiří Sadovský of Sloupno


also Jiří Sádovský of Sloupno na Sadové and Žiželeves

(c.1580 – 1640)


Hetman of the Hradec Králové (Königgratz) province, a faithful friend of Karel the Elder of Žerotín.


For his active participation in the Estates’ Uprising, Jiří Sadovský was sentenced to the loss of two-thirds of his assets; for the remaining third, he received Bílá Třemesná, Velehrádek and Červené Poličany from Albrecht of Waldstein (Wallenstein) in fief. After his third wedding in 1625, to Ester Vchynská of Tetov, he lived with his sons from his first marriage Václav Ferdinand, Jan Jiří and Petr Bohuslav at Třemešná. After his forced departure to Leszno, Třemešná reverted to Waldstein.



The Sadovský family left in 1628 together with the Komenský family. Like thousands of other Czech religious exiles, Jiří’s son Václav entered service with the Swedish army and fought against the Catholic Habsburgs. He ultimately settled as a former Swedish colonel close to Leszno, and attempted, apparently with the knowledge of Comenius and his friends, to organise a military campaign to liberate the Czech Lands from Habsburg thrall. In doing so he counted on assistance from revolutionary England, then led by Oliver Cromwell. Written records relating to this are preserved in the Hartlib Archive at the Sheffield University Library.




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