Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Jan Lánecký


also Jan Lanecius

(1554 – 1626)


Calvinist-oriented Brethren senior.



Originally from Strážnice, Lánecký studied in 1579 at Geneva and from 1587 was a priest of the Brethren. At the Synod of Lipník in 1592 he was censured for his zeal in spreading the works of Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575). His position improved with the growing Calvinisation of the Unitas Fratrum. In 1601 he was elected as one of the five seniors, with his seat at Přerov, where he also served as administrator of the Brethren’s school. He was the spiritual advisor of Karel the Elder of Žerotín, and the fatherly guardian of his student at Přerov, Comenius, who assisted in running the school from 1614 onwards. He lived under Žerotín’s protection on the latter’s estate, and died at Kralice on November 17th, 1626.




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