Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy




The A dextris

To the right and the left, that is the Struggle on the part of faith in Christ

A dextris et sinistris


The Abrahamus

Father Abraham

Abrahamus patriarcha


The Ad Montanum

A written catalogue, called in the vulgate the Letter to Montanus

Epistula ad Montanum


The Ad amicos

To friends living at Leszno in Poland

Ad amicos Lesnae in Polonia agentes


The Addenda

Addenda to the Physics

Ad Physicam addenda


The Admonitio tertia

The third admonition. I. To Daniel Zwicker

Admonitio tertia I. Ad Danielem Zwickerum


The Agenda Patakina

The Sárospatak agenda

Agenda Patakina


The Aliud

Other (i.e. a poem)




The Amphitheatrum

From the second part of the Amphitheatrum the seventh book

Amphitheatrum universitatis rerum


The Angelus

The messenger of peace

Angelus pacis


The Annotata

Annotations made up to the autumn of the year 1663

Annotata haec sub autumnum anni 1663


The Annotationes super Gramm.

Notes on the new janual grammar

Annotationes super Grammaticam novam janualem


The Antidotum

The Antidote to Apostasy, that is, a tried and certain medicine

Antidotum apostasiae, to jest Zkušené a jisté lékařství.


The Antwort

A brief reply to the short discussion on the question of whether the Lord Jesus was resurrected by His own strength

Auf den Bericht von der Frage, ob der Herr Jesus sich selbst aus ein Kraft von den Toten aufwecket habe, Antwort


The Apologia

A defence of Latin in his own Gate of Tongues

Pro Latinitate Januae lingvarum suae apologia


The Appendix

An appendix to the Vestibule

Appendix Vestibuli



The Astronomia reformanda

An overview of astronomy, how it must be reformed in the light of physics

Astronomia ad lumen physicum reformandae



The Bazuine

The clarion call of a year of grace

Bazuine des genaden jaar


The Bibliorum Turc. dedicatio

Dedication of the Turkish Bible

Bibliorum Turcicorum dedicatio


The Boj Michala

The struggle of Michael and his angels with the Dragon

Boj Michala a anjelů jeho s drakem


The Boj s Bohem

The struggle with God in prayer

Boj s Bohem modlitbami



The Calendarium

An ecclesiastical calendar

Calendarium ecclesiasticum


The Cartesius

Descartes with his natural philosophy confounded with mechanics

Cartesius cum sua naturali philosophia a mechanicis eversus


The Catalogus

A catalogue of works that must yet be elaborated

Elaborandorum operum catalogus





The Cato

The Wise Cato´s Moral teaching

Dionysii Catonis Disticha moralia


The Centrum

Centrum securitatis, that is, the depths of safety

Centrum securitatis, to jest Hlubina bezpečnosti


The Certum est 

It is certain that...

Certum est...


The Cesta pokoje

The Way to Peace

Cesta pokoje


The Christianismus

On the possible reconciliation of Christendom

Christianismus reconciliabilis



The lament of Elijah

Clamores Eliae


The Confessio

The Confession or Account of the faith

Confessio aneb Počet z víry


The Consultatio

A general consultation on the improvement of human affairs

De rerum humanarum emendatione consultatio catholica


The Consultationis delineatio

A brief outline of the consultation

Consultationis brevissima delineatio




The Continuatio Drabicii

A continuation of the Description of the revelations of Mikuláš Drabík

Continuatio Historiae revelationum Nicolai Drabicii


The Continuatio Admonitionis

A continuation of the fraternal admonition

Continuatio Admonitionis fraternae


The Concio de ministris

Synod sermon on the clergy

Concio synodalis de ministris


The Cosmographiae compendium

A compendium of comography

Cosmographiae compendium



The De zelo

On zeal without knowledge and grace, fraternally

De zelo sine scientia et charitate admonitio fraterna


The De controversia

Judgement on the controversy surrounding the ceremony of the first and last acceptance

Posudek sporu ve věci obřadu prvního a dalšího přijímání

De controversia circa ritum acceptionis judicium


The De metris adnotatiuncula

Brief notes on the metre appropriate to Czech poesy

De metris poesi Bohemorum convenientibus adnotatiuncula


The De Turcica versione

Notes on the translation of the New Testament into Turkish, prepared in England

De Turcica Novi Testamenti versione Anglica annotatio



The De reconciliatione

Several reminders on the reconciliation of Christians

De dissidentium reconciliatione hypomnemata


The De pastorum missione

A dissertation on the proper pastoral mission

De legitima pastorum missione dissertatio


The De uno Deo

On the One God of the Christians

De Christianorum uno Deo


The De irenico irenicorum

On the works of peace by the peacemakers

De irenico irenicorum


The De novis occasionibus

On a new opportunity for continuing in didactic endeavour

De novis studia didactica continuandi occasionibus


The De libris

An oration on how to skilfully work with books

De primario ingenia colendi instrumentosolerter versando libris


The De Sociniano irenico

A repeated warning to Christians against the repeated Socinian offer of reconciliation

De iterato Sociniano irenico


The De ruina

On the ruin of the Transylvanian Principality

De Principis Transylvaniae ruina




The De rectoris officio

On the position of the rector and pupils

De rectoris officio et discipulorum


The De pansophia condenda

Deliberations on the establishment of pansophy

De pansophia condenda deliberatio


The De vocatione

On the vocation in Hungary (A brief report on the invitation to Hungary)

De vocatione in Hungariam


The De prophetis

On true and false prophets

De veris et falsis prophetis


The De studii impedimentis

On impediments to pansophic study

De studii pansophici impedimentis


The De colloquii Thorunensi

Some thoughts on the preparation of the Toruń colloquium

De colloquii Thorunensis apparatu


The De origine

On the origin and deeds of the Žerotín family

De origine et gestis familiae Zerotin


The De antiquitatibus

On the antiquities of Moravia

De antiquitatibus Moraviae




The De utilitate nomenclaturae

A short speech on the utility of a precise naming of things

De utilitate accuratae rerum nomenclaturae


The De elegantiarum studio

A short speech on the refined study of refinement

De eleganti elegantiarum studio


The De bono unitatis

On the rare estate

De bono unitatis et ordinis


The De cultura ingeniorum

On educational ability

De cultura ingeniorum


The De arte

On the art of spontaneous motion

De arte spontanei motus relatio


The Delineatio scenographica

A model outline of the pansophic temple

Templi pansophici delineatio scenographica


The Diatyposis

An outline of pansophy

Pansophiae diatyposis


The Didactica dissertatio

A didactic dissertation

De sermonis Latini studio




The Didactica magna

The great didactic

Didactica magna


The Didacticae idea

The idea of didactics from the eternal mysteries

Didacticae idea ex arcanis aeternis


The Didaktika

The Didactic, that is, the Art of artificial education

Didactica, to jest Umění umělého vyučování


The Didaktika analytická

The Analytical Didactics

Didaktika analytická


The Dilucidatio

An elucidation of the pansophic endeavour

Conatuum pansophicorum dilucidatio


The Diogenes

Diogenes the Cynic Redivivus

Diogenes Cynicus redivivus


The Disquisitiones

An enquiry into the essence of heat and cold

Disquisitiones de caloris et frigoris natura


The Dvéře

The door of language opened

Dvéře jazyků odevřené





The E labyrinthis exitus

The exit from the scholastic labyrinth

E scholasticis labyrinthis exitus


The Ecclesiae historiola

A brief history of the Slavonic Church

Ecclesiae Slavonicae brevis historiola


The Ecloga IV

Eclogue IV, verses 4-17

IV. ekloga, verše 4-17

Ecloga IV, versus 4-17


The Elegidion ad Titum

A short elegy for Matouš Titus

Elegidion ad doctissimum virum, dominum Matthaeum Titum


The Enoch

Enoch, that is, On the people still devoted to God walking with God

Enoch, to jest O stálém lidí Bohu oddaných s Bohem chození


The Epistula ad Fortium Erasmumque

Dedicatory epistle to books by Fortius and Erasmus

Fortii Erasmique libellis praemissa Epistula dedicatoria


The Epitome NT

An extract from the New Testament

Novi Testamenti epitome


The Eruditio I Vestibulum

Scholastic education, part the first, the vestibule

Eruditionis scholasticae pars prima, Vestibulum




The Eruditio III Atrium

Scholastic education, part the third, the atrium

Eruditionis scholasticae pars, III Atrium


The Eruditio I-III

Scholastic education in a three-in-one harmonious construction

Eruditio scholastica syntagma harmonicum tri-unum I-III


The Eruditio II Janua

Scholastic education, part II, the Gate

Eruditionis scholasticae pars II, Janua


The Evigila, Polonia

Awake, Poland

Evigila, Polonia


The Exhortatio ad juventutem

An exhortation to the youth at the Synod of Ostrorog

Exhortatio ad juventutem in synodo Ostrorogensi



The Faber

The architect of fortune

Faber fortunae


The Fautoribus

To the adherents of the pansophic endeavour in England

Studii pansophici in Anglia fautoribus


The Fortius

Fortius redivivus, or, On the excising of laziness from schools

Fortius redivivus sive De pellenda scholis ignavia





The Fortsetzung Melisch

The continuation of the night-time visions of S. Melisch

Fortsetzung der Nächtlichen Gesichte S.Melisch


The Fulcra cadunt 

The pillars fall

Fulcra cadunt...



The Gentis felicitas

The happiness of the nation

Gentis felicitas


The Geometria

Theoretical geometry

Geometria theoretica


The Grammatica Latina

A Latin grammar

Grammatica Latina


The Grammatica vernacula

The key to the newest Gate of Tongues, a Latin and vernacular grammar

Klíč k nejnovějším Dvéřím jazyků, mluvnice latinská i národní

Januae lingvarum novissimae clavis, Grammatica Latino-vernacula


The Grammaticae praecepta

Precepts facilitating grammar

Facilioris grammaticae praecepta



The Haggaeus

Haggai redivivus

Haggaeus redivivus



The Harmonia evangelistarum

The harmony of the evangelists

Harmonia evangelistarum


The Historia Revelationum

A history of the revelations of K. Kotter, K. Poniatowská and M. Drabík

Historia Revelationum Ch.Kotteri, Ch.Poniatoviae, N. Drabicii


The Historia o protivenstvích

A history of the great adversities of the Bohemian Church

Historia o těžkých protivenstvích církve české


The Historia o umučení

A history of the martyrdom

Historia o umučení


The Historia profana

A secular or political history

Historia profana


The Historie o vzkříšení

A harmonious history of the Resurrection

Harmonia historie o vzkříšení



The Independentia

Independence, the origin of all confusion

Independentia, aeternarum confusionum origo


The Informatorium der Mutterschul

Informatorium for the school of motherhood

Informatorium maternum, der Mutterschul




The Informatorium školy mateřské

Informatorium for the school of motherhood


The Instructio profecturis

Instructions sent from Greater Poland to Lithuania

Instructio profecturis e Majore Polonia in Lithvaniam


The Introductorium in Biblia

The Gate, or, an Introduction to Holy Scripture

Janua sive Introductorium in Biblia sacra



The Janua rerum 1643

The gate of affairs unlocked

Janua rerum reserata


The Janua rerum 1681

The gate of affairs unlocked

Janua rerum reserata


The Janua lingvarum

The gate of tongues unlocked

Janua lingvarum reserata


The Janua-Tür

The open gate of the Latin language

Latinae lingvae janua reserata


The Judicium Valeriani Magni

An assessment of the judgement of Valerianus Magnus

Judicium de Judicio Valeriani Magni





The Judicium Serrarii

Judgement on the response of P. Serarius

Judicium de P. Serrarii Responsione


The Judicium Neufeldii

The Judgement of Ulrich Neufeld

Judicium Ulrici Neufeldii



The Kšaft

The testament of a dying mother, the Unitas Fratrum

Kšaft umírající matky, Jednoty bratrské


The Kancionál




The Katechismus




The Kázaní vánoční

A Christmas sermon

Kázaní vánoční


The Kázání o tajemstvích

Twenty-one sermons, On the mysteries of the death, resurrection and ascension into heaven of Christ

Kázání XXI, O tajemstvích smrti, vzkříšení a na nebe vstoupení Krista


The Kázání pohřební

A funeral sermon over that most worthy man, the priest Pavel Fabricius

Kázaní pohřební nad ctihodným mužem, knězem Pavlem Fabriciem





The Kirchen - Musica

A book of songs for the church, the home and for the gladness of the heart

Kirchen-, Haus- und Herzens- Musica



The Laborum continuatio

Continuing scholastic labour

Laborum scholasticorum continuatio


The Laborum coronis

The crowing of scholastic labour undertaken at Sárospatak

Laborum scholasticorum Patakini obitorum coronis


The Labyrint

The Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the heart,

Labyrint světa a ráj srdce


The Lasitius

(Jan Łasycki, a Polish nobleman) A History of the origins and deeds of the Bohemian Brethren

Johannis Lasitii Nobilis Poloni Historia de origine et rebus gestis Fratrum Bohemicorum


The Latium

Latium re-born

Latium redivivum


The Leges gymnasii

Regulations for the illustrious Leszno Gymnasium

Leges illustris gymnasii Lesnensis


The Leges scholae

Regulations for a well-ordered school

Leges scholae bene ordinatae




The Lesnae excidium

The destruction of Leszno

Lesnae excidium


The Lexicon pansophicum

The book of books, that is, a real pansophic dictionary

Liber liborum hoc est Lexicon reale pansophicum


The Lexicon atriale

The Atrial Latin-Latin dictionary

Lexicon atriale Latino-Latinum


The Listové

Letters to Heaven

Listové do nebe


The Lucidarium

The elucidator of the Vestibule and Gate of Tongues

Vestibuli et Januae lingvarum lucidarium


The Lux e tenebris

Light from darkness

Lux e tenebris


The Lux in tenebris

Light in darkness

Lux in tenebris



The Manualník

The Handbook or Core of the whole Holy Bible

Manualník aneb Jádro celé Biblí svaté





The Matuzalém

Methuselah, or, On the gift of longevity

Matuzalém, to jest O daru dlouhověkosti


The Medice

Physician, heal thyself

Medice, cura te ipsum


The Methodi synopsis

A brief synopsis of the Comenian method of languages

Synopsis Comenianae Lingvarum methodi


The Methodi encomia

An encomium on right method

Methodi verae encomia


The Methodus

The newest method of languages

Novissima lingvarum methodus


The Modlitba plačtivá

The tearful prayer

Modlitba plačtivá


The Mapa Moravy

A new and thus far the most precise depiction of Moravia

Moraviae delineatio


The Motus spontanei relatio

A descriptive report on spontaneous motion

Motus spontanei historica relatio





The Moudrost

The wisdom of the old Czechs

Moudrost starých Čechů



The Naučení o kazatelství

A report on the teaching of preaching

Zpráva a naučení o kazatelství


The Navržení krátké

A brief proposal for the reformation of schools in the Kingdom of Bohemia

Navržení krátké o obnovení škol v Kralovství českém


The Navržení o sjednocení

A proposal for the true unification of all the faithful with Christ

Navržení o pravdivém všech věřících s Kristem sjednocení


The Nedobytedlný hrad

The unconquerable castle

Nedobytedlný hrad


The Nové písně

Some new songs

Nové písně některé



The O vycházení

On the rising and the setting of the nearmost stars of the eighth heaven

O vycházení a zapadání přednějších hvězd oblohy osmé


The O juvenes

Youths of famous name, burning with great virtue...

Praeclaro, o juvenes, virtutum nomine clari...





^The O andělích

Of angels

O andělích


The O vymítání

On the exorcism of demons

O výmítání ďábelství


The O poezi

On Czech poesy

O poezi české


The O sirobě

On orphanhood

O sirobě


The Oculus

The eye of faith a theology of nature

Oculus fidei - Theologia naturalis



The complete didactic works

Opera didactica omnia


The Ohlášení

A proclamation on the tract against the Unity of Brethren

Na spis proti Jednotě bratrské ohlášení


The Orbis

The visible world in pictures

Svět vnímatelných věcí v obrazech

Orbis sensualium pictus




The Ordinování

The ordination of a consenior

Ordinování konseniora


The Oritur sol et occidit sol

The sun rises and the sun sets

Oritur sol et occidit sol


The Otázky o Jednotě

Some questions regarding the Czech Unity of Brethren

Otázky některé o Jednotě bratří českých



The Palinodia

Palinodia apostasiae An example of the recanting of apostasy

Palinodia apostasiae


The Pampaedia

The universal education of the soul



The Panaugia

The general consultation of the improvement of human affairs, part the second

De rerum humanarum emendatione


The Panegersia

The book of universal awakening

The first part of the De rerum humanarum emendatione consultatio catholica


The Panegyricus

A panegyric on Charles Gustav

Panegyricus Carolo Gustavo





The Panglottia

The wisely developed language



The Pannuthesia

The universal exhortation



The Panorthosia

The universal renewal



The Pansophia Christiana

The third book of Christian pansophy

Pansophiae Christianae liber III


The Pansophia

The universal wisdom



The Pansophiae seminarium

The gate of things, or, a Seminar on the whole of pansophy

Janua rerum sive Totius Pansophiae seminarium


The Paradisus reducendus

How to return paradise to Christian youth

Paradisus juventuti Christianae reducendus


The Paraenesis ad ecclesias

Anxiously to the churches, namely the Anglican

Paraenesis ad ecclesias, nominatim Anglicanam




The Paralipomena

Didactic ommisions

Paralipomena didactica


The Physica

An overview of physics

Physicae synopsis


The Písnička ku pohřbu

Song composed for the funeral of the priest Pavel Fabricius

Písnička ku pohřbu kněze Pavla Fabricia


The Písničky tři

Three songs translated into Czech

Písničky tři na česko přeložené


The Posaun

The last clarion call over Germany

Letzte Posaun über Deutschland


The Praecepta morum

Precepts of conduct

Praecepta morum


The Praxis I

Praxis pietatis, that is, On practising piety

Praxis pietatis, to jest O cvičení se v pobožnosti pravé


The Praxis II

Praxis pietatis, part the second, containing within itself the art of holy contemplation

Praxis pietatis,druhý díl, obsahující v sobě umění svatého přemyšlování




The Pres

The press of God

Pres boží


The Prima philosophia

The first philosophy

Prima philosophia


The Primitiae laborum

The beginnings of scholastic labour

Primitiae laborum scholasticorum


The Problemata

These assorted problems

Problemata haec miscellanea


The Prodromus

The herald of pansophy

Pansophiae prodromus


The Přemyšlování o dokonalosti

Reflections on Christian perfection

Přemyšlování o dokonalosti křesťanské


The Přídavek Distichů

Appendix to the Latin Distich

Přídavek Distichů



The Ráj cirkve

The paradise of the church reborn

Paradisus ecclesiae renascentis




The Ratio disciplinae

A collection of teachings and the ecclesiastical rule of the Czech Unity of Brethren

Ratio disciplinae ordinisque ecclesiastici in Unitate fratrum Bohemorum


The Regulae vitae

Rules for life

Regulae vitae


The Renuntiatio

Renuntiatio mundi, that is, the Renunciation of the World

Renuntiatio mundi, to jest Výhost světu


The Retuňk proti Antikristu

Salvation from the Antichrist

Retuňk proti Antikristu


The Revelationum epitome

An extract from God´s Revelations

Revelationum divinarum epitome


The Rytm

Rhythm for hope

Rytm k doufání



The Sapientia oculata

Wisdom gifted with a second and a third sight

Sapientia bis et ter oculata


The Satellitium

The blessed retinue of the Holy Spirit

Animae sanctae aeterna regna




The Scenographia

The model of pansophy, part the second

Scenographiae pansophicae pars II


The Schola Latina

The Latin school

Schola Latina


The Schola pansophica

The pansophic school

Schola pansophica


The Schola infantiae

The school of childhood

Schola infantiae


The Schola ludus

The school as play

Schola ludus


The Scholae idea

The idea of an illustrious Sárospatak school

Illustris Patakinae scholae idea


The Schola infantiae I

Outline of a national school

Scholae vernaculae delineatio


The Sermo secretior

The even more secret speech (part the second)

Sermo secretior (secundus)


The Sermo secretus

The secret speech of Nathan to David; Sermo secretus Nathanis ad Davidem




The Socinismi speculum

The mirror of Socinianism

Socinismi speculum


The Spicilegium

A didactic anthology

Spicilegium didacticum


The Spiegel

The mirror of good authority

Spiegel guter Obrigkeit


The Stammwörter

Root words of the German language

Stammwörter der deutschen Sprach


The Svědectví dané Sádovské

The testament according to knowledge and truth

Svědectví podlé povědomosti a pravdy


The Sylloge

A collection of controversial questions

Sylloge quaestionum controversarum


The Syllogismus

A practical syllogism of the orb of the world

Syllogismus orbis terrarum practicus


The Synopsis persecutionum

A summary history of the persecution of the Bohemian Church

Synopsis historica persecutionum ecclesiae Bohemicae





The Theatrum

The Theatre of the World and all the wondrous things therein

Divadlo světa všechněch všudy předivných věcí

Theatrum universitatis rerum


The Thesaurus

The treasury of the Czech language

Poklad jazyka českého

Lingvae Bohemicae thesaurus


The Tirocinium

The arts of reading and writing for beginners

Artificii legendi et scribendi tirocinium


The Traditio lampadis

The passing of the torch

Traditio lampadis


The Triertium

The universal triad

Triertium catholicum


The Truchlivý I

Sorrowing I

Truchlivý I


The Truchlivý II

Sorrowing, part the second

Truchlivý druhý díl


The Truchlivý III

Sorrowing, part the third (the cooing of the doves)

Truchlivého třetí díl (Řvání hrdličky)





The Truchlivý IV

Sorrowing, part the fourth (the sad voice)

Truchlivý díl čtvrtý (Smutný hlas)


The Typographeum vivum

The living printworks

Typographeum vivum



The Unum necessarium

The one necessity

Unum necessarium


The Uralte Religion

The ancient Christian catholic religion

Die uralte christliche katholische Religion


The Ut schola

Life resembles a school...

Ut schola, sic vita est...


The Utrum Jesus

A short and detailed reply to the question of whether the Lord Jesus rose from the dead by His own power

De Quaestione utrum Dominus Jesus propria virtute a mortuis resurrexerit responsum



The Vatibus Israel

Prophets in Israel

Vatibus Israel


The Ventilabrum

The winnowing fan of wisdom

Ventilabrum sapientiae



The Vestibuli auctarium

A companion to the Vestibule of the Latin language

Vestibuli Latinae lingvae auctarium


The Vestibulum

The vestibule to the gate of tongues unlocked

Januae lingvarum reseratae Vestibulum


The Vestibulum-Vortür

The Vestibule of the Latin language (Vortür...)

Vestibulum latinae lingvae (Vortür...)


The Via lucis

The Way of Light

Via lucis


The Videní Panatovské

The Visions of Miss Kristina Panatovská

Videní panny Kristiny Panatovské


The Vidění

The visions and revelations of Kryštof Kotter

Vidění a zjevení Kryštofa Kottera


The Vindicatio famae

A vindication of fame and conscience in the face of the calumny of the Mikuláš Arnold

Obhajoba pověsti a svědomí před pomluvami Mikuláše Arnolda

Vindicatio famae et conscientiae a calumniis Nicolai Arnoldi


The Visiones Melisch

The nocturnal visions of Štěpán Meliš

Visiones nocturnae Stephani Melisch



The Visionum continuatio

A Continuation of Drabík´s visions

Drabicianarum visionum continuatio


The Vita gyrus

The circuit of life

Vita gyrus


The Voluminis prophetici dimissio

The solemn distribution of the prophetic books

Voluminis prophetici judicia dimissio


The Votiva acclamatio

A votive acclamation of the King of the Swedes, Charles Gustav

Serenissimo Svecorum regi Carolo Gustavo votiva acclamatio


The Vzdychání k Bohu

The pining of the conforming for God

Vzdychání přidaného k Bohu



The Zpráva o nakažení

A brief report on the affliction of plague

Zpráva kratičká o morním nakažení






The Žehnání Cyrilla

The blessing of the priest Jan Cyrill

Žehnání knìze Jana Cyrilla




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