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Gentis felicitas


Gentis felicitas speculo exhibita iis, qui num felices sint et quomodo fieri possint, cognoscere velint. Ad Serenissimum Transylvaniae Principem Georgium Racoci


The happiness of the nation, as a mirror set up for those that would known if they are happy, and by what means they might become so. To His Most Serene Highness Prince György Rákóczi


Origin of the work:
  1654 Sárospatak

  1659 Anonymously with no place of issue given

1902 Prague, in: J. Kvačala, Korrespondence J. A. Komenského II, pp263-286

1956 Prague. Gentium salutis reparator. Posel míru a blaha národů, (in Latin and Czech; Czech translation by J. Hendrich & M. Klučka)

1972 Prague, Vybrané spisy J. A. Komenského, vol. VI, Czech translation by M. Klučka

1974 Prague, J. A. Comenii Opera omnia, vol. 13



It was in this short work that Comenius first gave his famous definition of a nation as a people of the same tribe, living in the same land, speaking the same language and bound to one another by love, concord and efforts for the common good.

A condition for this is adequate national affluence, which was a pressing question for under-developed Hungary. The problems of a suitable knowledge of economics (in particular the crafts and trade), well organised education and schooling, reformation (which must not be superficial but internal) and finally wise international policies, in which György II Rákóczi was to be the new David, are also important.

Comenius wished to show, using the example of Transylvania, that in which the happiness of any nation lies.


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