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Evigila, Polonia


Awake, Poland



Origin of the work:
  1656 Leszno

  According to notes in the Clamores Eliae, fol. 123, fragm. XI, this work was printed (at a location unknown) together with a speech from an unnnamed Catholic bishop against Comenius’ pedagogy. Lost.



A call to the Polish nation to free itself from Papist and Socinian (Socinians) heresies and unite in the faith.

This work, no longer available, is known from a letter written by Comenius to Petr Figulus on January 8th, 1656. Comenius writes that an esteemed Polish lord has beseeched him not to cease work on this tract before it its finished, that it open the eyes of the Polish nation, which is crumbling into ruination, so that through the casting off of Papist and Socinian heresies it might grow to unification in the faith. Thus it is that Comenius tells Figulus, “Nunc tractatui insudo Evigila Polonia” - “Now I am applying myself to the tract Awake, Poland”).


For further study, see also:

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