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Enoch, to jest O stálém lidí Bohu oddaných s Bohem chození a kterak lidi takové Pán Bůh k sobě bere. Vysvětlené kázaním léta 1656, v neděli 1. po Mudrcích učiněným od K. J. A. K.


Enoch, that is, On the people still devoted to God walking with God, and which of such the Lord God takes unto Himself. An explanatory sermon of the year 1656, given on the Sunday after Wisdom by K. J. A. K.


Origin of the work:
  1656 Leszno

  1656 Leszno

1893 Prague, J. A. Komenského Sebraná díla kazatelská II



A sermon on the correct life. A short prayer, entitled ‘The pious Enoch’s sighing to God’ is attached. Comenius selected an unusual motif from the Old Testament here: Enoch, the son of Jared and father of Methuselah, “seventh from Adam” was 365 years old, and still walked with God, who ultimately took him to Himself.

Comenius relates how Christ sent out the apostles, that they might declare His teachings to all the nations of the world. This teaching, however, did not rest in disputations, nor in ceremonies, and contention arose out of it, but it was intended to teach a path through life, leading from the darkness of sin and death to the light of truth and justice, and by this to Heaven. Christ’s successors, too, should act in this way, through the living word and writing, but best of all through providing a good example. Comenius too tries by voice and pen to fulfil this calling, evidence of which is provided by this sermon about Enoch, written in the fateful year of 1656, when the clouds of war were gathering on all sides, calling for repentance. This path of life is shown not only by Christ but also by others; the most shining example is that of Enoch, who fulfilled his life’s duties with unceasing piety and devotion to God. The Enochs of the Czech and Moravian nation should act in the same way: working honestly, for which end life was intended, with a heart both pure and given to God.


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