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De ruina


De Principis Transylvaniae ruina (ejusque occasione de libro Lux in tenebris) judicium amici ad amicum


On the ruin of the Transylvanian Principality (and on this occasion also of the book Light in Darkness), adjudged by a friend to a friend



Origin of the work:
  1658 Amsterdam

  1658 Amsterdam



This is a dissertation in the form of a letter on the political and military failures of the princely house of the Rákóczis in the second half of the 17th century. In 1656 the Transylvanian Prince György II Rákóczi attached himself to the assault of the Swedes on Poland, but suffered losses. The Turks fell on Transylvania and ravaged it. In a letter to Comenius, the prince’s emissary Konstantin Schaum expressed desperate exasperation with Mikuláš Drabík, on whom he places the blame for the fall of the princely House of Rákóczi, and in so doing indirectly with Comenius as the herald of Drabík’s prophecies (Mikuláš Drabík). In his reply, printed under the title given above, Comenius shows on the basis of his knowledge of the internal conditions and political situation in Transylvania, that the catastrophe had its own causes, among which was the prince’s failing to heed the advice of the prophet (i.e. Drabík).


For further study see also:

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