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De pastorum missione


De legitima in ecclesiis evangelicis pastorum missione dissertatio


A dissertation on the proper pastoral mission in the evangelical church



Origin of the work:
  1645 Elbląg

  1658 Amsterdam, together with the De regula fidei judicium duplex

1909 Yuriev, in: J. Kvačala, Analecta Comeniana, pp53-82



A dissertation in the form of a letter from Comenius to the Všov magistrate Jan Jiří Schlichting, a reaction to the stimulus provided by the convert Bartoloměj Nigrin.

Prior to the calling of representatives of the Polish churches to the Toruń council of conciliation in August of 1645, the originally Reformed Polish clergyman and convert to Catholicism Bartoloměj Nigrin, entrusted by Polish King Wladislaw IV to hold preliminary meetings with the evangelist churches in his country, sent Count Boguslaw Leszczynski a letter in which it was stated that at the Toruń colloquium the primary task of the non-Catholic representatives (the dissidents) would be to demonstrate that their priests had a legitimate calling. Comenius, who knew Nigrin’s scheming and subversive nature, responded in the form of this letter to Schlichting at the latter’s request. Comenius writes that this is an old matter, brought up long ago. If, however, Nigrin has resurrected it, then an answer he shall have. For the messengers of God (the clergy), their calling does not depend upon secular legitimacy, but upon the diligence with which they pronounce the truth of their teachings. The dispatcher of ecclesiastical shepherds is God. God’s servants regular have for the performance of their mission the marks of an inner gift, outer invitation and regular establishment (ordination). If the church had a regular mission, then so too did the Reformists (Hus, Luther etc.) and their successors. All depends on which side the truth lies. The Roman Church should show that Christ set the Pope to govern over Christians. The opponents of the evangelicals have set Man’s will above God’s will, abounding in ranks and power. From this it follows that the legitimacy of the evangelical mission is greater than that of the Catholic. See also the entry on the De colloquio Thorunensi.


For further study, see also:

J. V. Novák & J. Hendrich, Jan Amos Komenský, jeho život a spisy. Prague 1932, pp378-379




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