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De pansophia condenda


De pansophia condenda deliberatio

Deliberations on the establishment of pansophy



Origin of the work:
  1656 Leszno

  The manuscript was destroyed in the fire of Leszno in 1656



This work was probably a consideration of how best to establish the system of universal wisdom (pansophy) if it was to attain its ultimate goals of peace between nations and the improvement of human society. After fleeing the flames of Leszno, when it was only with difficulty that he was able to save even his and his family’s lives, Comenius sent Petr Figulus Jablonský a letter from his wanderings in Silesia dated May 22nd 1656, in which he sets out his material and manuscript losses. He enumerates those tracts which were saved in a hurriedly dug pit at his Leszno home, and those which were consumed by the fire. This work is listed among those manuscripts lost beyond all hope of recovery.


For further study, see also:

List Komenského Petru Figulovi, in: J. Kvačala, Korrespondence J. A. Komenského, 1898, p162




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