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De irenico irenicorum


De irenico irenicorum, hoc est Conditionibus pacis a Socini secta reliquo Christiano orbi oblatis ad omnes Christianos facta admonitio a Johan-Amos Comenio


On the works of peace by the peacemakers, that is, a Warning to all Christians expressed by Jan Amos Comenius after the laying down of the conditions for peace to the world by the Socinian sect



Origin of the work:
  1659 Amsterdam

  1660 Amsterdam



The first of three replies by Comenius to Daniel Zwicker on the conditions for the unification of Christians.

In 1658, the Socinian Daniel Zwicker published the tract Irenicum irenicorum (The Efforts for Peace of the Peacemakers) anonymously in Amsterdam, in which he purloined Comenius’ irenic terminology and proposed the unification of quarrelling Christians to the Papacy, bishops, rulers and subjects, but on the basis of Socinian fundamentals. Because Comenius knew that the Socinians did not recognise the divine nature of Christ, he responded to Zwicker with this treatise. He does not agree with the fact that the Socinians regard reason as superior to Scripture. He refutes the Socinian teaching of Christ’s solely human nature, and refers to the importance of the tradition existing even in the first two centuries AD, in which Christ’s divinity was already recognised. From this, Comenius concludes that Christians can be united only on the basis of a recognition of Christ’s divinity.


For further study, see also:

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