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De bono unitatis


De bono unitatis et ordinis disciplinaeque ac obedientiae in ecclesia recte constituta vel constituenda ecclesiae Bohemicae ad Anglicanam paraenesis cum praemissa ordinis ac disciplinae in ecclesiis Fratrum Bohemorum usitatae descriptione


On the rare estate, that is the unity and order, as well as the discipline and obedience for the church, as is or should be regularly established, the appeal of the Bohemian church to the Church of England; by way of introduction, a description of the order and discipline applied among the congregations of the Bohemian Brethren


(title of a collection of works comprising the Ecclesiae Anglicanae…

Ecclesiae Slavonicae…brevis historiola, the Ratio disciplinae…

Ad rationem ordinis…annotata quaedam, and the Paraenesis ad ecclesias, nominatim Anglicanam…)



  1660 Amsterdam


During the period in which the Unitas Fratrum dissolved in exile, Comenius felt the Anglican church to be the most competent to contribute to the reconciliation of the churches, and thus to world peace. To contribute to the realisation of this aim, Comenius wished to transmit the best ideals of the Brethren, their “rare estate”, and by doing so have these adopted by their successors. Comenius published this collection as an introduction to the history and the organisation of the Brethren. In this, he was acceding to the wish of English friends dissatisfied with the discipline in their own church; they wished to learn about the structure of the Unitas Fratrum and use this information to better themselves. The volume comprises three parts (see the separate entries for the Ecclesiae historiola, the Ratio disciplinae and the Paraenesis ad ecclesias).


For further study, see also:

Jan Kumpera, J. A. Komenský, poutník na rozhraní věků. Prague & Ostrava 1992, pp216-217




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