Jan Amos KOMENSKÝ - life, work, legacy

Daniel Komenský

(1646 – 1694)


The only son of Jan Amos Comenius, by his second wife Marie Dorota Cyrillová.



Daniel was born at Elbląg, and Comenius intended that he enter the clergy. Before his death, Comenius entrusted his son and Kristián Vladislav Nigrin with the completion and publication of his work the Consultatio. “To survey those concepts as a whole, place them in order and, should it be possible, to allow them to see the light” (in Comenius’ own words) was, however, beyond Daniel’s abilities. In the 1670’s Daniel was a member of the German Literary Society in Amsterdam. He died on May 1st 1694 during a voyage from Amsterdam to Gdansk, and is interred at Travemünd.



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