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Katechismus pro mládež českou Jednoty bratrské

A Catechism for the youth of the Bohemian Unitas Fratrum



Origin of the work:
  1661 Amsterdam

  1661 Amsterdam



A catechism for the Brethren in exile, of which Comenius was co-author.

The book sets out in four parts the commandments and their explanation, the apostolic creed with an explanation thereof, the Lord’s Prayer with explanations and teaching on subjection to the Church (and in particular on the sacrament of baptism and the Last Supper). A short volume of catechism is attached, and as an addendum the Full Versions of the Lives of the Virtuous and the Nicene, Athanasian, Constantinopolitan, Ephesian and Chalcedonic Symbols (i.e. creeds). According to the notes made by R. Říčan on the German catechism Die uralte christliche katolische Religion (The ancient Christian catholic religion), Comenius put nothing of his own into the Czech catechism; only the Die uralte ... Religion is actually his. See the entry on the Uralte Religion.


For further study, see also:

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